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A fully functional open source version with plenty of plugins.
Visit BlueNimble’s Serverless Github repository & install in your laptop or cloud service.

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Enterprise Edition

Advanced Security. Intergration packs for most ERPs, Databases & Content Management Systems, Web Management Console, Kubernetes and Swarm Runtimes & Analytics.

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All the features of an Enterprise Edition but as a service.
You pay as you go with no setup fees. Billing is based on Kubernetes cluster size.

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use cases

BlueNimble empowers you to work smarter and faster. Whatever your development projects require BlueNimble improves prodction, saves time and reduces cost.

  • web & mobile
    web & mobile
  • machine learning
    machine learning
  • poserful apis
    powerful apis
  • internet of things
    internet of things
web & mobile

Build Modern Web & Mobile ApplicationS

Build faster than ever Web and Mobile Applications following an API First architecture and a Serverless Runtime. Connect to databases of your choice, use the simple storage and remoting services to save and stream pictures and videos and integrate with leading SaaS providers such as Salesforce and Stripe among others. Take advantage of the pre-integrated request tracker and analytics to create business-driven actionable dashboards.

machine learning

Build Machine Learning driven APIs

Build Cron Jobs and APIs to create mathematical models and runtime executions based on leading open soure libraries such as Spark, Flink and MXNet. Stream data from sources such as the Indexer service, ElasticSearch, Kafka and more.

poserful apis

Build Powerful APIs for existing applications & databases

Do not expose your backend data and Backoffice Applications to Web and Mobile Applications. Build a secure API to store and retrive data from an array of Databases, Content Management Systems and SaaS Services.

internet of things

Build Internet Of Things Systems

Use BlueNimble IoT Secure Gateway™ to connect your IoT devices using leading protocols such as Bnbp, Http, Coap and Mqtt and connect it to the BlueNimble API gateway™ in private or public cloud for data collection, cleaning and aggregation. Integrate with your backend applications, ERPs and BlueNimble Analytics™ to create a 360 degrees view of your system.